Mid-life The Crisis Musical

Midlife: August 20 - September 5th

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Evening with NMT Auditions

Welcome back to the world.

Post-lockdown, we are getting into the swing of things with cabaret-style "An Evening With NMT", from 2nd-11 July. Audition forms can be found here - please note that while there is currently no audition needed for the ensemble, we have had a lot of interest so we may need to juggle things. Fill out a form and just tick 'ensemble' if that is all you wish to participate in.

Midlife: The Crisis Musical finally comes to the stage from August 20th - September 5th.

Little Shop of Horrors is still going ahead as planned from 19th November - 5th December.



In keeping with Government Policy, all shows and activities have been postponed indefinitely.

We will be working hard to get things running once the lockdown is lifted. Please keep an eye on this space.

Mid-life The Crisis Musical


This Sunday 23rd February, we are holding auditions for Midlife: The Crisis Musical.

It is a series of vignettes detailing the trials and tribulations of aging. The cast is comprised of 3 men and 3 women, who all play a variety of roles.

From the Origin Theatrical description: 

With a balanced look at the 'joys' of growing older, through a cast of three men and three women, MID-LIFE! strikes a chord with anyone regardless of age.

A series of scenes and sketches poke fun at the frustrations of mammograms, love handles, weekend warriors and proctology exams. The

NMT choir in action

The brand new NMT choir met for the first time on Wednesday 19th February, and was a resounding success.

After taking on the first verse of "Do You Hear The People Sing?" from Les Mis, we tackled "Love is an Open Door" from Frozen. Some excellent suggestions for future songs were made, as well as some new friends.

All are welcome at future rehearsals! The next one is Wednesday 4th March, 7 - 8:30pm. No audition necessary, we'll discuss performance opportunities as they arise, and you are encouraged to audition for NMT shows (but by no means required to). Please join the society in lieu



Wednesday 11th March, 7pm at NMT Hall

Thank you to all attendees, and congratulations to all office holders.

We have two new life members, Noel Stephens and Chris Lukies. Thanks for all you've done!

Copies of the Minutes, President's and Treasurer's Report are now available under the graphic.


An Evening with NMT
2 3 4 9 10 11th July
Tickets on sale now!

Midlife: The Crisis Musical
August 20th - 5th September

Little Shop of Horrors
We would like to go ahead with this as planned.
Auditions TBA
Performances 19th November - 5th December

Mary Poppins
Most likely 2021 - we will