About Nelson Musical Theatre

Nelson Musical Theatre has been a part of the Nelson Theatre Scene since the late 1800s. One of the oldest Musical Theatre Societies in New Zealand, we have been creating amazing shows for over 120 years. While we stage high quality shows ourselves, we are also happy to work with anyone in the community that would like to write, produce, or direct a musical.

We are the only theatre society in Nelson who are lucky enough to have their own performance space, the Red Door Theatre located near Founders Park. You can hire it by emailing us at reddoor@nmt.org.nz.

Nelson Musical Theatre also has an extensive wardrobe, with all costumes available to hire. Open 10:30am - 2pm & 4pm - 6pm Tuesdays, 10:30am to 2pm Thursdays, 10am to 12pm Saturdays, and 1pm - 3pm Sundays. Alternatively you can email us at wardrobe@nmt.org.nz.

You can also reach our committee at these emails: president@nmt.org.nz, vicepresident@nmt.org.nz, treasurer@nmt.org.nz, secretary@nmt.org.nz.


Nelson Musical Theatre is governed by a committee of volunteers that meet fortnightly to manage the building and decide on the shows which will be performed. 

President: Robbie Burns

Vice President: Sam Nicholls

Secretary: Tobias Young

Treasurer: Jack Manson

Membership Secretary: Mark Nicholls

Committee: Tim Nicholls, Hugh Neill, Hayden Jefcoate

We are a registered charity, number CC29838. You can view our constitution on the Charities Commission website (go to Charity Documents, "Rules" from 2008).